RWSSA Wagner Caricature

This photo shows a cut out of a Wagner caricature that belongs to the South Australian Society. If anyone knows who made it for us, we would be delighted to find out more about it:



The cut out is based based on the engraving below. r-w-kommt-in-den-musiksaal-des-himmels-caricature-by-boscovits-zurich-1883 ( RW in the heavenly music hall).

The artist involved is Friedrich Boscovits, born in Budapest 1845 and died in Zurich in 1918.
Together with Jean Nötzli, Johann Friedrich Boscovits founded the satirical weekly magazine Der Nebelspalter in Zurich in 1875 and designed it as a draftsman, editor and from 1902 to 1912 also as a publisher. In 1887 the family was naturalized in Zurich. (
The magazine was modelled on British magazine Punch. It continues to this day, though it has been a monthly since late 1996. When Punch ceased publication in 2002, Nebelspalter became the oldest continually published humour magazine in the world.
The work above first appeared in Der Nebelsplatter in 1883, the year of Wagner’s death.