Please note that there appears to be no official video of the 2004 Adelaide Ring Cycle. The 10 parts of the version below were published on Youtube by jokanahan with the following comment:

“4 Sept 2021

Welcome to Elke’s Ring on YouTube – The Adelaide Ring from 2004. The life of this Ring was cut very short and Elke always wanted it to reach a wider public which it richly deserves. It is nearly 17 years since the original opening of Das Rheingold on 16 November 2004 so it is a fitting tribute to the memory of a great director, colleague and friend and her fabulous Ring Cycle. This video is here without the express permission of all contributors to the original project. I have credited everyone that I can think of but if there are any glaring oversights please comment. If anyone believes that this file infringes their rights please comment and I will remove it.”