The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia Public Fund

The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia (RWSSA) is registered as a Charity with the ACNC. Charities listed on the Register are able to receive tax deductible donations to assist them with their cultural objectives, specifically in the case of the Society, to promote artistic, scholarly and public interest in Richard Wagner’s works and in those who perform them.

According to the By-Laws of the Society, the following money must be paid into the Public Fund

  • donations of money to the Society
  • money produced by or derived from property donated to the Society; and
  • interest on money in the Public Fund.

No other money may be paid into the Public Fund. Money will not be taken to have been donated to the Society  if it was given in exchange for sponsorships or for promotional or advertising services or for any other service rendered by the Society. In recent years the Public Fund has supported: